Wadding for Quilting

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Jennine keeps our wadding for quilting in a corner of the fabric room and it's waiting for you to buy some. Phone the girls if you'd prefer to speak to someone, or just buy online. If we receive your wadding order before 1pm we can usually get it packed and posted the same day. Any questions about wadding, just phone the girls and have a chat.

Jennine with Wadding for Quilters at Bambers​​​​​​​Here's a list of the wadding we sell.
2oz Wadding
4oz Wadding
6oz Wadding
Super Soft Polyester Wadding
Super Soft Cotton Blend Wadding
Fusible Cotton Polyester Wadding
Super Soft Cotton Wadding
Super Soft Bamboo Blend Wadding
Super Soft Wool Wadding
​​​​​​​Super Soft 60/40 Black Wadding
Vilene 272 Thermolam Wadding