Type C Bernina Feet

The C in Type C stands for coded presser foot. It refers to the sensor that specifies the stitch width to the sewing machine. Type C are designed for Bernina sewing and embroidery machines with a maximum stitch width of 9mm. The soles are longer and wider than on the 5.5 mm presser foot.

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  • #2A Bernina Overlock Foot

    #2A Bernina Overlock Foot

    Use the Bernina Overlock foot for your sewing projects to produce neat, elastic seams or stylish waistbands
  • #3C Bernina Buttonhole Foot

    #3C Bernina Buttonhole Foot

    The Buttonhole foot is ideally suited to sewing buttonholes, as well as gathering with cord or elastic (smocking).
  • #10c Bernina Edgestitch Foot

    #10c Bernina Edgestitch Foot

    The guide blade in the center of the foot helps you sew seams and hems running perfectly parallel to the edge.
  • #16 Bernina Gathering Foot

    #16 Bernina Gathering Foot

    The Bernina Gathering Foot #16 is suitable for gathering lightweight-to-medium weight  fabrics.
  • #29C Bernina Quilting Foot

    #29C Bernina Quilting Foot

    The vertical spring presses the foot securely to your project, preventing the fabric from riding up while sewn.
  • #34C Reverse Pattern Clear Sole

    #34C Reverse Pattern Clear Sole

    The Bernina Reverse pattern foot with clear a sole affords a clear and better view of the needle and your stitching area.
  • #52C Zigzag Non-Stick Sole

    #52C Zigzag Non-Stick Sole

    Thanks to its non-stick coating, the Bernina Zigzag foot with non-stick sole is superbly suited to sewing sticky materials.