Type B Bernina Feet

Type B Bernina Presser Feet. The Type B fits the largest number of machines, they will fit any machine that takes the closed shank fitting.

Check our Presser Feet Guide to make sure you buy the right foot type for your machine.

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  • #0V Bernina ZigZag Foot

    #0V Bernina ZigZag Foot

    Zigzag foot #0 is a versatile all purpose foot which handles all needle and fabric types beautifully.
  • #2V Bernina Overlock Foot

    #2V Bernina Overlock Foot

    The Bernina Overlock foot produces neat, elastic seams or stylish waistbands, quickly and easily.
  • #3 Bernina Buttonhole Foot

    #3 Bernina Buttonhole Foot

    The Bernina Buttonhole foot is ideally suited to sewing buttonholes, plus gathering with cord or elastic.
  • #4V Bernina Zip Foot

    #4V Bernina Zip Foot

    Thanks to its narrow shape, the Bernina Zip Foot is also suited to sewing on piping and snap tape, as well as edgestitching.
  • #5V Bernina Blindstitch Foot

    #5V Bernina Blindstitch Foot

    The Blindstitch Foot #5 is the invisible-hemming expert the stitching can scarcely be seen from the front.
  • #6V Bernina Embroidery Foot

    #6V Bernina Embroidery Foot

    Ideal for satin stitching and other dense stitch patterns. The result is a neat and consistent stitch pattern.
  • #7V Bernina Tailor Tack Foot

    #7V Bernina Tailor Tack Foot

    The Bernina Tailor tack foot can be used for marking seam lines and sewing elegant embellishments and 3D effects.
  • #8V Bernina Jeans Foot

    #8V Bernina Jeans Foot

    Especially suited for sewing straight-stitched seams in tough, heavy fabrics such as denim, linen or canvas.
  • #9 Bernina Freehand Foot

    #9 Bernina Freehand Foot

    One of our most popular Bernina feet. Fashion students and textiles artists alike need this foot in their arsenal.
  • #10V Bernina Edgestitch Foot

    #10V Bernina Edgestitch Foot

    Superbly suited to applying lace and trims, the Edgestitch foot is also ideal for top-stitching edges, pleats and hems.
  • #11V Bernina Cordonnet Foot

    #11V Bernina Cordonnet Foot

    # 11 is ideally suited for topstitching and decorative work with cordonnet thread or other thicker topstitching threads.
  • #12V Bernina Bulky Overlock Foot

    #12V Bernina Bulky Overlock Foot

    The Bulky overlock foot is also a popular presser foot for attaching thick cords and sequins, and stylish embellishments.
  • #21V Bernina Braiding Foot

    #21V Bernina Braiding Foot

    Bernina Braiding Foot makes quick work of couching thin ribbons, cords, rickrack and passementerie etc.
  • #23V Bernina Applique Foot

    #23V Bernina Applique Foot

    The Bernina Applique Foot produces accurate satin stitching with improved visibility of the clear sole.
  • #26 Bernina Embroidery Foot

    #26 Bernina Embroidery Foot

    Embroidery foot # 26 is the expert when it comes to optimum fabric grip and attractive embroidery results.
  • #29 Bernina Quilting Foot

    #29 Bernina Quilting Foot

    The Bernina Quilting foot # 29 features a clear sole, affording you a perfect view of both needle & stitching.
  • #34V Reverse Pattern  Clear Sole

    #34V Reverse Pattern Clear Sole

    The Bernina Reverse pattern foot with clear a sole affords a clear and better view of the needle and your stitching area.
  • #37 Bernina Patchwork Foot

    #37 Bernina Patchwork Foot

    Designed for straight-stitching, the Patchwork foot is ideal for sewing 1/4” or 1/8” (approx. 3 or 6 mm) seam allowances.
  • #38 Bernina Piping Foot

    #38 Bernina Piping Foot

    The Bernina Piping foot is ideal for creating narrow-to-medium piping, as well as for sewing unevenly thick fabric layers.
  • #43 Freemotion Couching Foot

    #43 Freemotion Couching Foot

    The Free-motion Couching Foot # 43 is a specialist when it comes to appliquéing with cords, yarns and ribbons.
  • #50V 3 Sole Walking Foot & Guide

    #50V 3 Sole Walking Foot & Guide

    Especially well suited to machine quilting and to sewing sticky materials, this foot also helps you match stripes and plaids.
  • #51V Bernina Roller Foot

    #51V Bernina Roller Foot

    Expert at sewing on difficult materials, the three rollers on its sole enable it to glide over sticky textiles.
  • #52V Zigzag Non-Stick Sole

    #52V Zigzag Non-Stick Sole

    Thanks to its non-stick coating, the Bernina Zigzag foot with non-stick sole is superbly suited to sewing sticky materials.
  • #54V Zip Foot Non-stick Sole

    #54V Zip Foot Non-stick Sole

    The Bernina Zip foot # 54 with non-stick sole is especially suited to attaching zippers to sticky fabrics.
  • #55 Leather Roller Foot

    #55 Leather Roller Foot

    The Leather roller foot is a master at working on awkward materials such as leather, suede or plastic.
  • #56V Non-Stick Open Embroidery

    #56V Non-Stick Open Embroidery

    The Open embroidery foot with non-stick sole is multi-talented, ideal for sewing on appliqués and decorative trims.
  • #57 Patchwork Foot with Guide

    #57 Patchwork Foot with Guide

    Techniques requiring a perfectly straight seam also benefit from the use of the Bernina Patchwork foot with guide.
  • #59C Double Cord 4-6mm Foot

    #59C Double Cord 4-6mm Foot

    The Bernina Double-cord foot enables the simultaneous couching of two parallel cords with a diameter of 4 to 6mm.
  • #60 Double Cord 7-8mm Foot

    #60 Double Cord 7-8mm Foot

    The Bernina Double-cord foot # 60 allows the simultaneous couching of two parallel cords 7 to 8 mm in diameter.
  • #61V Zigzag 2mm Hemmer Foot

    #61V Zigzag 2mm Hemmer Foot

    When working with the Bernina Hemmer Foot the fabric is fed into a scroll, which turns the edge under twice.
  • #63V Zigzag 3mm Hemmer

    #63V Zigzag 3mm Hemmer

    The Bernina Zigzag hemmer foot (3mm) is an expert when it comes to double-turned hems.
  • #66V Zigzag 6mm Hemmer Foot

    #66V Zigzag 6mm Hemmer Foot

    The Bernina Zigzag hemmer foot (6mm) turns the fabric under twice, then sews it for perfect hems.
  • #68V Roll & Shell Hemmer 2mm

    #68V Roll & Shell Hemmer 2mm

    The roll and shell hemmer foot is ideally suited for hemming soft fabrics such as T-shirts or undergarments.
  • #69V Roll & Shell Hemmer 4mm

    #69V Roll & Shell Hemmer 4mm

    The Bernina Roll and shell hemmer foot # 69 (4mm) is a special presser foot for hemming soft fabrics such as tricot.
  • #70V Lap Seam Foot 4mm

    #70V Lap Seam Foot 4mm

    Use the Lap seam foot (4mm) to encase both raw edges in the seam, perfect for sewing reversible items of clothing.
  • #71V Lap Seam Foot 8mm

    #71V Lap Seam Foot 8mm

    Use the Lap seam foot (8mm) to encase both raw edges in the seam, perfect for sewing reversible items of clothing.