Old Pfaff Sewing Machine Parts

When I first started work for my father, back in the 1970's, Dad used to sell a lot of Pfaff sewing machines. They were extremely well made and very durable. We still get the old Pfaffs coming through the workshop for service and repair. In the 1980's Dad sent my brother Steve and I on a training course at the Pfaff factory in Karlsruhe, Germany. I have a stock of various parts for the older (1970's & 80's) Pfaff models. I will post them here - please phone or email if you're looking for a part not listed. I can't guarantee I'll have it but it's worth a try.
Best wishes
​​​​​​​Alan Bamber
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  • Pfaff 1471 Threader Hooks

    Pfaff 1471 Threader Hooks

    I came across this packet of Pfaff 1471 Threader Hooks in a corner of the basement. They are the original and genuine part, completey new and unused. Needle threader hooks eventually bend too far out of shape
  • Pfaff Foot Control 4132265-01

    Pfaff Foot Control 4132265-01

    I've come across this Pfaff Foot Control. It is old stock but still unused so effectively its brand new. This type of foot control was used on a variety of Pfaff sewing machines from twenty plus years ago.
  • Pfaff Needle Threader Unit

    Pfaff Needle Threader Unit

    This ​​​​​​​Pfaff Needle Threader Unit is another new and original Pfaff part I came across in one of our basements. It will fit the later range of Pfaff models.