Old Elna Parts

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The old Elna models such as the Lotus and TSP were extremely well made sewing machines. I remember when dad used to sell loads of them back in the Deansgate shop and the early days of the Oldham Street shop. He probably sold a fair few when he had his shop on Regent Road in Salford, as well. I only worked there as a Saturday boy though, fixing old Sewtric foot controls. We still have some original Elna Sewing Machine spares in stock.
We still see a small trickle of those original Elnas coming into the workshop for service or repair.
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  • Elna Lotus Door Strips

    Elna Lotus Door Strips

    These Elna Lotus door strips are new and unused, although they are quite old. We've had them in stock since the original Elna days of the 1970's & 80's.
  • Elna Lotus Needleplate

    Elna Lotus Needleplate

    This is the original Elna Lotus Needleplate. We've had a small supply of these needleplates for years so they are old but new.
  • Elna Lotus Presser Bar Lift Lever

    Elna Lotus Presser Bar Lift Lever

    I've got three ​​​​​​​Elna Lotus Presser Bar Lift Levers in stock. They are used but in good condition and with some signs of wear and tear, but nothing particularly significant. 
  • Elna Lotus Presser Foot & Thumbscrew

    Elna Lotus Presser Foot & Thumbscrew

    This Elna Lotus Presser Foot & Thumbscrew is from one of our 'scrap' machines. The foot itself is obviously an original and so it has some signs of wear and tear.
  • Elna Needleplate TSP Type

    Elna Needleplate TSP Type

    I was ‘up the ladder’ in my parts room come office when I found this Elna Needleplate TSP Type, I’ve got a box of them.