Janome Sewing Machines

Janome sewing machines offer a variety of models. Each one comes with stitches, features and prices to suit every pocket. They are strong, reliable and dependable. Steve and I are always careful about the Janome models we stock so we know we are only offering you the best of the crop. Call in and see for yourself or phone us for a nice chat.
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    The Janome J3 18 Sewing Machine is a good choice for the beginner. It has a basic range of stitches which will help when you are just starting out. A simple to operate model with a traditional metal raceway.
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    ​​​​The middle child in the Janome J3 family. the J3-20 can be overlooked but he's quietly determined and he gets on with the job without too much fuss. Like, for instance, his one-step buttonhole...
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  • JANOME J3-24

    The Janome J3-24 is an excellent machine which is packed with a superb selection of stitches and features. It is a really easy to use three dial model, one for stitch selection one for adjusting stitch length
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  • JANOME 423S

    The Janome 423S is a sturdy and reliable model. Its fully metal raceway will cope with long hours of continued use. Over many years we have supplied the Janome 423S to many schools across the UK.
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    The Janome FM725 Embellisher should keep you quiet for hours. It has five barbed needles which mesh the fibres to secure two or more pieces of fabric together. Every design is unique… it’s great to experiment
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  • JANOME HD 2200 Sewing Machine

    The Janome HD2200 is a tough kind of chap. If you plan to sew the slightly heavier fabrics. Or you want to sew all day long. This model may well be what you're looking for. Simple to operate and not overloaded
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    The Janome DKS 100 Special Edition sewing machine has all the features to make sewing simple & enjoyable and an extensive range of stitches to cover every sewing project. Fully computerised
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    When we tested the Janome Atelier 3 sewing machine, we found it to be very smooth running and easy to use. This mid-sized sewing machine offers both the sewing enthusiast and the quilter alike...
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    The Janome 8200QCP SE is aimed both at the quilter, and the crafter. In fact it's for anyone looking for more space to work with. A nice long arm with plenty of room for your work. And a good range of stitches
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    With a total arm length of 310mm (over 12”) and 210mm ( 8.3” )arm space right of the needle, this machine is ideal bigger projects and yet is equally suited to precision sewing, offering an incredible 91
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  • JANOME 2200XT

    With 22 built-in stitch options, plus an automatic 4-step buttonhole, the Janome 2200 XT sewing machine offers great versatility. It is simple to use with only two dials needed to operate it. 
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  • Janome 230DC Sewing Machine

    The Janome 230DC sewing machine is one of our most popular models. It's simple to operate and has a small range of stitches. The speed control and needle up/down features are always well received.
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  • JANOME 360DC

    Sew all types of projects with a great selection of 60 stitches. Fully computerised with stitches and settings at the touch of a button. This model has lots of easy to use features which make sewing
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  • Janome 5060QDC

    Although the Janome 5060QDC comes loaded with features it is still an easy to use machine. So this model will help develop your sewing skills and your enjoyment. If you love to sew but have fallen out of love
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  • Janome 5270QDC

    The Janome 5270QDC is a little belter of a sewing machine. It comes with a great range of stitches including 12 buttonholes and an alphabet. So you will just love using htis machine. It also has a needle threader
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  • JANOME 6700P

    The Janome 6700P will appeal to those looking for a powerful machine. In some ways the 6700p is an old fashioned model. An all metal bodied flat-bed, like machines used to be made. Teamed with reliable
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    ​​​​​​​The Janome 740DC sewing machine is a contemporary computerised machine for beginners and advanced stitchers alike to accomplish sewing success. Featuring a wide, stable work area with direct stitch
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  • Janome Atelier 6

    The Janome Atelier 6 is one we recommend to quilters and crafters. You may not wish to buy one of the top long-arm models. On the other hand, the standard sized machines are too small. So the 8 inches...
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    The Janome Continental M7 is perfect for the heavy duty user. We have sold this model to the home user, and to alterations businesses. It will sew through almost everything, all day long.
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  • Janome HD9

    The Janome HD9 is the ideal machine for the really serious sewing enthusiast who is looking for precise quality straight stitching at double the normal speed.
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    The Janome 9450QCP is a big hitter. It's aimed at the dedicated quilter in particular. A nice long arm offers plenty of space. Along with lots of features and stitches for you to enjoy. This is the machine
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  • Janome MC15000

    This ​​​​​​​Janome MC15000 is our demonstration model. It has a Bargain Price of only £5499.00. It should retail at £7999 so you will save £2500.00.
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    Taking a simple approach to stitch selection, the Janome Sewist 780DC puts the most commonly used stitches on a button. A simple touch will deliver the stitch you want.
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    You may have seen the Janome Sewist 725S on TV. It's become a very popular machine. A simple and basic model that sews well. The Janome 725S is suitable for the beginner and the busy sewer. A good range
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