Janome Overlocker Parts

This is the page where you can buy Janome Overlocker parts. Firstly we've listed all the parts that our customers ask for most often. Secondly they are all genuine Janome parts. Along with this we keep good stocks of Janome overlocker parts for a speedy delivery service. Care should be taken when fitting overlocker knives and loopers. They have to be set, otherwise they won't work properly.
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  • Janome 1200D Overlocker Upper Knife

    Janome 1200D Overlocker Upper Knife

    The Janome 1200d Upper Knife will last for many years. You will shorten the lifespan by sewing over tacking pins. Or if you are a heavy duty user.
  • Janome AT2000 Upper Knife

    Janome AT2000 Upper Knife

    The ​​​​​​​Janome AT2000 Upper Knife should be replaced with care. Ensure it is properly set to the bottom knife. Also, please make sure the screw is fully tightened. All overlocker knives eventually become blunt,
  • Janome Compulock (888) Lower Looper

    Janome Compulock (888) Lower Looper

    The Janome Compulock (888) Lower Looper is more robust than most loopers. All the same, he isn't indestructible. So if the lower and upper loopers clash, one or both may snap in two.
  • Janome Lower Looper 784083606

    Janome Lower Looper 784083606

    The ​​​​​​​Janome Lower Looper 784083606 is found on many models of Janome overlocker. I've listed them below so you can check. Please be careful when fitting.
  • Janome Mast Top 846197001

    Janome Mast Top 846197001

    The Janome Mast Top 846197001 Thread Guide will sometimes take off in the night, or you may even damage it. Those 6600's used in schools or wardrobe departments often contact us for a replacement.
  • Janome Overlocker Foot Holder

    Janome Overlocker Foot Holder

    This ​​​​​​​Janome Overlocker Foot Holder is very robust. It should takes the knocks and bumps from many years of overlocking. However if you have damaged or lost yours, here is the replacement.
  • Janome Overlocker Lower Knife 788013009

    Janome Overlocker Lower Knife 788013009

    This Janome Overlocker Lower Knife will fit a wide range of models. In general, overlocker knives will last years. What will shorten their lives significantly, is sewing through pins.
  • Janome Overlocker Mast 789607009

    Janome Overlocker Mast 789607009

    The ​​​​​​​Janome Overlocker Mast 789607009 comes complete with the mast top thread guide. It will fit the following Janome Overlockers, 134D, 204-504D, 9102D, 9200D, COVERPRO & 2000CPX
  • Janome Overlocker Needle Screw 785008024

    Janome Overlocker Needle Screw 785008024

    This ​​​​​​​Janome Overlocker Needle Screw 785008024 is a tiny but vital chap. Lose him and you've had it. He normally disappears when you're changing a needle. One turn too far and whoosh,
  • Janome Overlocker Presser Foot

    Janome Overlocker Presser Foot

    This ​​​​​​​Janome Overlocker Presser Foot is quite hard wearing. Replace it when the needles strikes have caused excessive damage. The threads will then begin to catch and snag on the foot.
  • Janome Overlocker Presser Foot 785502104

    Janome Overlocker Presser Foot 785502104

    Janome Overlocker Presser Foot 785502104 is the replacement for worn out feet. The underside will become rough and worn over the years. The topside can suffer from needle strikes.
  • Janome Overlocker Upper Knife 788011007

    Janome Overlocker Upper Knife 788011007

    The Janome Overlocker Upper Knife 788011007 is quite hard wearing. As with all overlocker knives, wear and tear will take its toll. Be careful when fitting.
  • Janome Overlocker Upper Knife 788127007

    Janome Overlocker Upper Knife 788127007

    The ​​​​​​​Janome Overlocker Upper Knife 788127007 will fit a variety of models. I've listed them below. Please be careful when you fit this, or any other overlocker knife.