Janome Needle Threaders

Janome needle threaders come in different shapes and sizes. Each one will fit a particular range of Janome sewing machines. It's important to understand how to use your needle threader to prevent unnecessary damage. Alway ensure the needle is raised to its top position. Do not apply too much pressure to the needle threader lever. Don't let the needle threader 'snap-back' when you've threaded the needle.Be careful when fitting the new needle threader. It must be properly aligned.
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  • Janome Needle Threader 639643009

    Janome Needle Threader 639643009

    The Janome Needle Threader 639643009 is the push-on type. Please be careful when fitting. Always ensure that you hold the needle threader shaft. Otherwise you may damage the shaft fitting.
  • Janome Needle Threader 734515009

    Janome Needle Threader 734515009

    The Janome Needle Threader 734515009 is the screw-on variety. This one will fit quite a few Janome models and I've listed them all, below. As usual please take care when fitting. You will note there is a certain..
  • Janome Needle Threader 755643002

    Janome Needle Threader 755643002

    ​​​​​​​The Janome Needle Threader ​​​​​​​755643002 will fit the models of Janome sewing machines I've listed below. This particular needle threader is the 'push-on' type. Your old one can be gently pulled away..
  • Janome Needle Threader 842638007

    Janome Needle Threader 842638007

    The Janome Needle Threader 842638007 is a push-on type. Care should always be taken when fitting to ensure the needle threader is pushed onto the shaft all the way. Please support the shaft as you push the..
  • Janome Needle Threader 846588014

    Janome Needle Threader 846588014

    The ​​​​​​​Janome Needle Threader 846588014 is the push-on type and care must always be taken when fitting to ensure not just a proper fit, but a proper alignment.
  • Janome Needle Threader 850508002

    Janome Needle Threader 850508002

    The Janome Needle Threader 850508002 will eventually bend or snap, especially if you're a bit heavy handed or your needle is bent. Fear not, here's a new one. Care must be taken when fitting.
  • Janome Needle Threader 862626004

    Janome Needle Threader 862626004

    The ​​​​​​​Janome Needle Threader 862626004 is a two-piece unit. Not the easiest of needle threaders to refit. So please take care. Also make sure you fit a good quality brand new needle before fitting the threader.
  • Janome Needle Threader Pin 627170003

    Janome Needle Threader Pin 627170003

    The Janome Needle Threader Pin 627170003 is a sensitive chap. Handle him roughly and he will bend and fold. Then your needle threader will not work. Bent needles will also cause an early collapse.
  • Janome Needle Threader Screw 000105501

    Janome Needle Threader Screw 000105501

    The ​​​​​​​Janome Needle Threader Screw 000105501 holds Janome needle threader 734515009 in place. He is the tiniest of chaps. So be careful he doesn't end up doing a disappearing act before your very eyes.
  • Janome Needle Threader Unit 767632005

    Janome Needle Threader Unit 767632005

    I include ​​​​​​​the Janome Needle Threader Unit 767632005 because of the model it fits. The Janome 1600p. This machine is quite often used commercially. Bridal wear and alteration businesses often use...