Janome Foot Controls

We keep a comprehensive range of Janome foot controls in stock. So in most cases your order will be dispatched on the day you place your order. Under normal circumstances you should expect your delivery within 2-3 days. One each product page we have listed the various models that each foot control fits. If you don't see what you're looking for please get in touch. Please phone or email.
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  • Janome C-2022 Foot Control

    Janome C-2022 Foot Control

    The Janome C-2022 Foot Control and Lead​​​​​​​ is the standard replacement for many models of Janome sewing machine.  I've listed them below. Unlike the model C-2023, this C-2022 has no Slow & Fast
  • Janome C-2023 Foot Control

    Janome C-2023 Foot Control

    The Janome C-2023 Foot Control​​​​​​​ has a twin speed feature. This is useful for the nervous sewer, or the beginner. It's also handy for certain jobs where a slow speed is required. The body is made from tough plastic
  • Janome Foot Control 043271111

    Janome Foot Control 043271111

    The Janome Foot Control 043271111​​​​​​​ is quite a robust and sturdy chap, but accidents will happen. The power cord is retractable and spring loaded. There is a RED warning tape at the very end of the cord -
  • Janome Foot Control 033570318

    Janome Foot Control 033570318

    The Janome Foot Control 033570318​​​​​​​ (White Metal) is around number three on our 'Hit Parade'. The body is all metal and although very sturdy he does go missing in action quite a bit.
  • Janome 1600p Foot Control

    Janome 1600p Foot Control

    This Janome 1600p Foot Control is the replacement for the one you have lost or damaged. As with the majority of the Janome spares and accessories I have listed, I keep this foot control in stock.
  • Janome 4623LE Foot Control

    Janome 4623LE Foot Control

    This Janome 4623LE foot control is the new type with 3 pins. It is of course quite a hard wearing chap and usually only the heavy duty wear and tear of the textiles classroom will defeat it.
  • Janome Foot Control 033071222

    Janome Foot Control 033071222

    This Janome foot control 033071222 will fit the models listed below. There are so many variations of Janome foot controls it can become confusing. So to make it a bit easier I have added a close-up photo.
  • Janome Foot Control 1200D

    Janome Foot Control 1200D

    This Janome foot control is compatible with the Janome 1200D Overlocker. As with all foot controls, they can suffer from a life of service. Cracks and breaks may appear in the covers. They may be dropped,
  • Janome Foot Control Hinge Pin FC-20223

    Janome Foot Control Hinge Pin FC-20223

    The ​​​​​​​Janome Foot Control Hinge Pin FC-20223 holds the top cover of certain Janome foot controls in place. They can sometimes pop out of the hole and go for a wander around town.
  • Janome Foot Control Overlockers

    Janome Foot Control Overlockers

    This Janome foot control is compatible with a range of Janome overlockers including, CoverPro9, 9102D, 9200D. Click for more.
  • Janome Foot Control PS1030

    Janome Foot Control PS1030

    This Janome foot control is compatible with the following models, PS1030, 1100HD & LX180. Phone for help with Janome spares.
  • Janome Foot Control Top Cover

    Janome Foot Control Top Cover

    The ​​​​​​​Janome Foot Control Top Cover is a sturdy chap. However, when he is dropped from a great height he may well crack. We all have our breaking point. Many high school classroom Janomes use a..
  • Janome Foot Control Top Cover Spring

    Janome Foot Control Top Cover Spring

    The ​​​​​​​Janome Foot Control Top Cover Spring fits inside various models of Janome foot control. They provide the spring.
  • Janome Foot Control TXL607

    Janome Foot Control TXL607

    This Janome foot control is compatible with the following models, QXL605, DXL603, XL601, TXL607, DKS30 Click for more.
  • Janome Mini Foot Control

    Janome Mini Foot Control

    The Janome Mini Foot Control belongs to a mail order type of sewing machine. You may be slowly sauntering through your local garden centre. When out of the blue a pyramid of bargain priced sewing machines appears