Janome Bobbins and Bobbincases

Find your choice of Janome bobbin and Janome bobbincase at Bambers. We keep large stocks and a wide range to suit every model of Janome sewing machine.
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  • Janome Bobbincase 1600P 767510006

    Janome Bobbincase 1600P 767510006

    The Janome Bobbincase 1600P can become bent or damaged if it's dropped on the floor and trodden on once too often. I'd also suggest that the Janome 1600p user is typically a busy person.
  • Janome Bobbincase 508638002

    Janome Bobbincase 508638002

    The Janome Bobbincase 508638002 fits the 8050 model. As with all drop-in bobbincases, care should be taken when threading the machine. If you don't thread the take-up lever correctly it can lead to
  • Janome Bobbincase 627569003

    Janome Bobbincase 627569003

    The Janome Bobbincase 627569003 will fit the majority of Top Loading Janome models including the 2522. You should regularly check your bobbincase for needle holes and scratches.
  • Janome Bobbincase 7000 - 8000

    Janome Bobbincase 7000 - 8000

    A replacement, or spare, Janome Bobbincase for your Janome sewing machine models, MC7000, MC7500 & MC8000.
  • Janome Bobbincase 832517008

    Janome Bobbincase 832517008

    The Janome Bobbincase 832517008 can suffer damage from bent needles. When you require a replacement llok no further. This is a stock item so we can usually guarantee a speedy delivery service.
  • Janome Bobbincase 846652009

    Janome Bobbincase 846652009

    The Janome Bobbincase 846652009 can become damaged or worn after years of use. It is of course very important to use an undamaged bobbincase to ensure smooth, good quality sewing.
  • Janome Bobbincase Blue Dot 200445007

    Janome Bobbincase Blue Dot 200445007

    The ​​​​​​​Janome Bobbincase Blue Dot 200445007 creates a good tension for free motion quilting and hand look quilt stitches. This bobbincase is marked with a Blue triangle for identification purposes.
  • Janome Bobbincase Extra Yellow Dot

    Janome Bobbincase Extra Yellow Dot

    The Janome Bobbincase Extra Yellow Dot has a higher than 'normal' tension setting. So it's useful for embroidery and variable zag-zag stitching. You can also use it when you have finer threads.
  • Janome Bobbincase Sew Mini

    Janome Bobbincase Sew Mini

    This Janome Bobbincase fits the popular "Sew Mini' range of catalogue, mail order & department store Janome Sewing machines.
  • Janome Bobbins

    Janome Bobbins

    Pack of 10 Janome bobbins. They are a universal type which can be used in the vast majority of Janome sewing machines.
  • Janome Bobbins 200122005

    Janome Bobbins 200122005

    Here is a pack of ten ​​​​​​​Janome Bobbins 200122005. They fit the vast majority of Janome sewing machines. Including the front-loading and drop-in models.
  • Janome Metal Bobbincase

    Janome Metal Bobbincase

    This Janome Metal Bobbincase will fit all the front loading models. 110, 419, 423 etc. etc. including lots of the old Newhome models.