Husqvarna Viking Parts

A selection of old Husqvarna Viking sewing machine parts. These parts are genuine Viking parts that we've have had in stock, or taken from scrap machines. In some cases the parts, although old, are completely new and unused. If you're looking for a part for an old, original, Viking email Alan Bamber at
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  • Viking 19E End Cover

    Viking 19E End Cover

    A nice end plate/cover for the gorgeaous old Viking 19E. This one is in very good condition. There are one or two marks and scratches.
  • Viking 19E Mains Cable

    Viking 19E Mains Cable

    I'm fairly sure this ​​​​​​​Viking 19E Mains Cable is unused. It still has our original part sticker wrapped around it. The part number is listed as 4118318. Again it was one of the old Viking cables I came across
  • Viking 19E Needleplate 4111555-01

    Viking 19E Needleplate 4111555-01

    I've got two new ​​​​​​​Viking 19E Needleplates. The part number is 4111555-01. One is still sealed in its packet. The other packet is open but the needleplate is still brand new and unused.
  • Viking Bobbincase 413058903

    Viking Bobbincase 413058903

    An original ​​​​​​​Viking Bobbincase 413058903. I've been going through are old parts stock recently. I found this genuine Viking bobbincase still in its original packet. 
  • Viking Bobbincase 6570

    Viking Bobbincase 6570

    I found two ​​​​​​​Viking Bobbincases tucked away in a dark corner. They are both new and original and unused. Both these Viking bobbincases were still in the original boxes.
  • Viking Cable

    Viking Cable

    I found this Viking Cable at the back of a long drawer in the basement. It is an original Viking part and, if my memory is correct, I think it's from one of the Vanessa models.
  • Viking Cable 2

    Viking Cable 2

    This is the other type of Viking Cable I came across in the basement. Close inspection of the motor plug will reveal a different moulding pattern from the other Viking Cable I've listed.
  • Viking Needleplate 4115177-02

    Viking Needleplate 4115177-02

    This ​​​​​​​Viking Needleplate 4115177-02 was still in the packet when I came across it. Yet another original Viking part that was hiding in our basement. Again, I think this needleplate is suited to one of the Vanessa models.
  • Viking Needleplate Special

    Viking Needleplate Special

    This ​​​​​​​Viking Needleplate is Special and  quite unusual chap. I may have once known what it was used for, but if I did I have completely forgotten. I only have the one so when it's gone, it's gone.