Frister Rossmann

When I began working for my father, back in the 1970's, Frister & Rossmann introduced a range of very popular models. The 502, 503 and the various Cub models were all very well made and produced an excellent stitch quality. Many of the schools & colleges that bought machines from my father chose the F&R brand. I must have serviced hundreds of them back in the 1980's. They still come in for service and repair in our workshop which proves the qulity of the original make. I have a small selection of original Frister & Rossmann parts.
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  • Frister Rossmann Cub Needle Plate

    Frister Rossmann Cub Needle Plate

    The ​​​​​​​Frister Rossmann Cub Needle Plate fits the Cub range. I have a small number of these original and unused parts left in stock. Back in the 1980's we sold and serviced hundreds of Fristers.