We keep fair stocks of the Brother PR embroidery frames and hoops. Unlike some, we only stock the genuine Brother frames. We don't stock any of the third party frames or hoops. They often override the built-in safety features of your Brother PR model. This may well lead to tears before bedtime.
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  • Brother PRH60 Frame XG6651001

    Brother PRH60 Frame XG6651001

    The Brother PRH60 Frame XG6651001 is especially useful for, you’ve guessed it, small work. It’s very handy for baby wear including baby hats and baby grows. The PRH660 is also useful for embroidering
  • Brother PRH100 Frame XG6649001

    Brother PRH100 Frame XG6649001

    ​​​​​​​​​The Brother PRH100 Frame XG6649001 embroidery frame is probably the most popular ‘repeat’ buy amongst our PR customers. It’s size is perfect for so many applications – logos, workwear and baby wear
  • Brother PRH180 Frame XG6647001

    Brother PRH180 Frame XG6647001

    The Brother PRH180 XG6647001 embroidery frame is useful for those 'in-between' jobs. Once again this is, generally speaking, a stock item. We try and keep good stocks of all the embroidery frames.
  • Brother PRH300 Frame XG6645001

    Brother PRH300 Frame XG6645001

    The Brother PRH300 Frame XG6645001 embroidery frame is the largest one supplied with the PR6 range. It's especially useful for the back of jackets, horse blankets, tables runners and a hundred other thinigs.
  • Brother PRH100 Outer Frame

    Brother PRH100 Outer Frame

    The Brother PRH100 outer frame will sometimes split in two after heavy duty use. Fear not, you can buy a spare. This saves you money buying a whole new frame. I keep them in as a stock item, so delivery is pretty
  • Brother PRPBF1 Border Frame

    Brother PRPBF1 Border Frame

    ​​​​​​​The Brother PRPBF1 Border Frame makes it easier to embroider continuous designs. You don't have to remove the frame. Instead, you just release the side catches. Then you can slide your garment, or fabric, along
  • Brother PRF300 Flat Embroidery Frame

    Brother PRF300 Flat Embroidery Frame

    The Brother PRF300 Flat Embroidery Frame has a unique design. It prevents fabric bunching when embroidering any bulky material, even on the back of jackets. The photo highlights how you can lay garments over
  • Brother PRCF3 Cap Frame

    Brother PRCF3 Cap Frame

    The Brother PRCF3 Cap Frame will produce extra income. Just ensure you have enough customers to justify the expense. It's also a good idea to ensure you use the right kind of cap.
  • Brother PRCL1 Cylinder Frame

    Brother PRCL1 Cylinder Frame

    The Cylinder Frame is designed for small cylindrical work such as sleeves or trouser leg. For PR1000, PR1000e, PR650, PR650e & PR655.
  • Brother PRPRF100 Round Frame

    Brother PRPRF100 Round Frame

    From: £82.95
    These round embroidery frames can help you to produce better work on 'round' embroidery designs as they provide more grip
  • Brother Frame Arm C

    Brother Frame Arm C

    Use Frame Arm C when embroidering with any of the Brother round embroidery frames. Compatible with PR1000 & PR655
  • Brother Frame Arm B

    Brother Frame Arm B

    Use the ​​​​​​​Brother Frame Arm B with the Quilt Frame, Border Frame, Jumbo Frame and Sleeve Frame.
  • Brother Magnetic Sash Frame PRMS360

    Brother Magnetic Sash Frame PRMS360

    The Brother Magnetic Sash Frame PRMS360 is handy for the thicker projects. It has eight magnets that you can fit around the frame. The frame size is 360mm x 200mm. It is especially useful with long design work..
  • Brother PR1050 S Frame Kit

    Brother PR1050 S Frame Kit

    The Brother PR1050X S Frame Kit helps you to embroider hard to reach areas such as sleeves, jeans pockets, kids & baby clothing.


    The unique construction of Brother PR Clamp Frame M provides strong holding power, yet without ‘hoop burn’ on your fabric.
  • Brother PRCF5 Flat Brim Cap Frame

    Brother PRCF5 Flat Brim Cap Frame

    The ​​​​​​​Brother PRCF5 Brim Cap Frame enables you to embroider more types of hats than before. It has an easy-to-use ‘scratch-free’ cap frame. You can stitch an industry leading 35% closer to the brim..
  • Brother PRHSL200 Sleeve Frame 115D02E000C

    Brother PRHSL200 Sleeve Frame 115D02E000C

    The ​​​​​​​Brother PRHSL200 Sleeve Frame 115D02E000C ​​​​​​​is the perfect size for embroidering difficult to access areas such as jacket sleeves, pant legs, kids’ T-shirts and baby rompers.
  • Brother PRPQF200 Quilt Frame

    Brother PRPQF200 Quilt Frame

    The Brother PRPQF200 Quilt Frame is useful for quilting. Also handy for childrens shirts and jackets.