Brother Parts

We carried a wide and varied selection of Brother sewing machine parts. Some are only available for the repairs and service work we carry out in the workshop. Other items are available for general sale.
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  • Brother 1034D Foot Control XB3134001

    Brother 1034D Foot Control XB3134001

    he ​​​​​​​Brother 1034D Foot Control XB3134001 may fail after years of use. They also suffer from going awol when you move house etc. Here is the replacement and it is now a stock item so you can expect a fairly speed delivery.
  • Brother Foot Control XC7438521

    The ​​​​​​​Brother Foot Control XC7438521 fits a wide range of older Brother models. So, I've listed each of the models in turn, and it's quite a list. Firstly, browse through the list of models. Secondly, if you find your model
  • Brother Foot Control XC7456521

    The ​​​​​​​Brother Foot Control XC7456521 will also fit a number of models. So please browse through the list below to find your machine. If you don't see your model please look at one of our other listings. There are
  • Brother Foot Control XD0496221

    Brother Foot Control XD0496221

    The ​​​​​​​Brother Foot Control XD0496221 will fit a wide range of models. It's quite a sturdy foot control but accidents will happen. This is generally a stock item. So If you need a replacement we can offer a speedy delivery.
  • Brother Foot Control XD0500151

    Brother Foot Control XD0500151

    The ​​​​​​​Brother Foot Control XD0500151 has the retractable cable built in. It is compatible with the following models, NV4000, 4000D, NV5000, NV1 & NV1e
  • Brother Needle Threader XD1550351

    Brother Needle Threader XD1550351

    The Brother Needle Threader XD1550351 is quite a delicate chap. As with all needle threaders, care must be taken during operation. If you are too rough or let the threader snap back.
  • Brother RH137 Bobbinwinder Unit

    Brother RH137 Bobbinwinder Unit

    These units are quite robust but will sometimes jam after years of use, or if too much thread becomes trapped inside them.