Brother Foot Controls

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  • Brother 1034D Foot Control XB3134001

    Brother 1034D Foot Control XB3134001

    he ​​​​​​​Brother 1034D Foot Control XB3134001 may fail after years of use. They also suffer from going awol when you move house etc. Here is the replacement and it is now a stock item so you can expect a fairly speed delivery.
  • Brother Foot Control XD0496221

    Brother Foot Control XD0496221

    The ​​​​​​​Brother Foot Control XD0496221 will fit a wide range of models. It's quite a sturdy foot control but accidents will happen. This is generally a stock item. So If you need a replacement we can offer a speedy delivery.
  • Brother Foot Control XD0500151

    Brother Foot Control XD0500151

    The ​​​​​​​Brother Foot Control XD0500151 has the retractable cable built in. It is compatible with the following models, NV4000, 4000D, NV5000, NV1 & NV1e