Bernina Sewing Tables

Bernina Sewing Tables will provide that little bit of extra support for your sewing projects. They slide onto the free-arm of your Bernina sewing machine and sit snugly in place and give you a firm base to work on. There are a number of types available for the various models of Bernina and we are happy to help you should you require any advice.
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  • Bernina Sewtable Guide

    Bernina Sewtable Guide

    The Bernina Seam guide is a useful aid for precise edgestitching on wide hems and edges. Its ideal for sewing larger projects.
  • Bernina 1000 Series Sewing Table

    Bernina 1000 Series Sewing Table

    This Bernina 1000 Series Sewing Table will slide onto the majority of the Bernina 1000 Series models, including the Bernina 1008 & 1008S
  • Bernina Sewtable Guide 2

    Bernina Sewtable Guide 2

    The Bernina Seam guide is a useful aid for precise edgestitching on wide hems and edges. Its ideal for sewing larger projects.
  • Bernina Quilting Table

    Bernina Quilting Table

    The Bernina Quilting Extension table increases your work space when sewing large quilts. The fabric feeds easily over its smooth surface.
  • Bernina Sewable Round Stud

    Bernina Sewable Round Stud

    The ​​​​​​​Bernina Sewable Round Stud fits into the front of the free arm on older Berninas. It provides support for the sewtable. So this stud is one that probably breaks most often. The heavy hand, or leaning on
  • Bernina Sewable Small Stud

    Bernina Sewable Small Stud

    This chap, the ​​​​​​​Bernina Sewable Small Stud, may go unnoticed. Until of course he snaps in two. You've ignored him for years. Taken him for granted. So, one day he can't take it anymore - he crumbles. Then of course
  • Bernina Sewable Stud for 3 Series

    Bernina Sewable Stud for 3 Series

    The Bernina Sewable Stud for 3 Series fits into the rear of the free arm. Firstly it anchors the sewtable in place. Secondly it will hold any accessory box in place. Unlike the other metal sewtable stud, this chap
  • Bernina Sewtable

    Bernina Sewtable

    From: £25.00
    The Slide-on free-arm table is a handy extension for BERNINA sewing machines providing more room for your sewing projects.
  • Bernina Sewtable Bridge

    Bernina Sewtable Bridge

    The ​​​​​​​Bernina Sewtable Bridge may lose a pin, or two. The bridge itself rarely suffers any damage. So the two fixing screws should remain in place. If you do require the two fixing screws just drop me a line.
  • Bernina Sewtable Clips 0010925001

    Bernina Sewtable Clips 0010925001

    The ​​​​​​​Bernina Sewtable Clips 0010925001 are found on the older, metal sewtables. They are very tough and long lasting. Each one is held in place by two small screws.
  • Bernina Sewtable Flat Side Stud

    Bernina Sewtable Flat Side Stud

    The Bernina Sewtable stud has one flat side which helps to keep it secure in its housing. The studs will break with rough handling or from heavy duty use. Otherwise they are quite robust and even stand up well in
  • Bernina Sewtable Metal Stud

    Bernina Sewtable Metal Stud

    The Bernina Metal Screw Stud screws into the side of the free arm on older models. It works as a solid anchor for the sewtable to hold on to. They rarely wear out but vibration can set them free. Once they have escaped
  • Bernina Sewtable Yoke Eccentric

    Bernina Sewtable Yoke Eccentric

    The Bernina Sewtable Yoke Eccentric rides the grip turn lever. Older models of Bernina had a metal sewtable. On the underside of the table is a yoke and this eccentric turns on the lever and tightens the grip of the table.
  • Bernina Sewtable Yoke Screw

    Bernina Sewtable Yoke Screw

    The ​​​​​​​Bernina Sewable Yoke Screw fits into the old metal sewtable. It holds the yoke on the underside of the table. The two screws that hold the yoke can vibrate loose. Once they find themselves free they quite
  • Embroidery-Module Table

    Embroidery-Module Table

    The Plexiglass extension table for embroidery modules expands your work surface for easier handling on large embroidery projects.