Bernina Parts

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  • Bernette 234 Overlocker Balance Wheel

    Bernette 234 Overlocker Balance Wheel

    This is a used ​​​​​​​Bernette 234 Overlocker Balance Wheel. It has a few marks here and there but generally speaking it's in excellent condition.
  • Bernina 1008 Sewtable Stud

    Bernina 1008 Sewtable Stud

    The Bernina 1008 Sewtable stud has one flat side which helps to keep it secure in its housing. The studs will break with rough handling or from heavy duty use.
  • Bernina 135/145 Raceway Door

    Bernina 135/145 Raceway Door

    This is a replacement ​​​​​​​Bernina 135/145 Raceway Door. These doors are quite sturdy but after years of use may fail.
  • BERNINA 930 S PRINT 240v

    BERNINA 930 S PRINT 240v

    An S Print for the old 1980's Bernina 930. 240v only - UK use. I have a limited number of these Bernina 930 S Prints left in stock so once they are gone, they are gone.
  • Bernina 930 Scala Plate

    Bernina 930 Scala Plate

    This Bernina 930 Scala Plate comes from one of our old 930's. It's in pretty good condition with only a few light scratches and most of them will be covered by the control dials.
  • Bernina 950 End Cover

    Bernina 950 End Cover

    A Bernina 950 End Cover to replace the one that's missing on your Bernina 950. This part cover the end of the machine just below the balance wheel.
  • Bernina 950 Hinges & Mounts

    Bernina 950 Hinges & Mounts

    A pair of Bernina 950 hinges and mounts to replace worn fittings on your bench top. The set also comes with four small screws to secure the rubber mounts into place
  • Bernina 950 Tension Unit

    Bernina 950 Tension Unit

    A Bernina 950 Tension Unit still waiting for a home to go to. After many a long year the tension units on well used 950's begin to lose their 'spring' - which is how I feel some mornings
  • Bernina Artista 730 Spool Pin

    Bernina Artista 730 Spool Pin

    The Bernina Artista 730 Spool Pin is quite a sturdy chap. However, if you've managed to break yours here's the replacement. Take care when fitting.
  • Bernina Base Rubber

    Bernina Base Rubber

    Although they are very tough, the Bernina base rubber will eventually begin to disintegrate and crumble. This is the 'new' Bernina base rubber.
  • Bernina Bobbinwinder Rubber 32023703

    Bernina Bobbinwinder Rubber 32023703

    The ​​​​​​​Bernina Bobbinwinder Rubber 32023703 will fit the majority of Bernina models that use a removable winder rubber. The older models have a solid rubber wheel which eventually wears out.
  • Bernina Stitch Length Stop Spring

    Bernina Stitch Length Stop Spring

    The Bernina stitch length stop spring holds the stitch length lever in place and prevents you from uscrewing it completely.
  • Old Bernina Roll & Shell Hemmer Foot 168

    Old Bernina Roll & Shell Hemmer Foot 168

    This 'Old' Bernina Roll & Shell Hemmer Foot 168 will fit the older Bernina models only. Don't buy it for your new 1008 or 570. It is in excellent condition and for sale at a much reduced price.
We keep large stocks of Bernina spare parts for various Bernina models. Including the older models such as the 801 and 830 etc. As a Main Agent for Bernina Sewing Machines we also carry out service and repairs to many Bernina models.