Bernina Overlocker Parts

On this page we've listed the most commonly requested Bernina overlocker parts. From needle screws to thread guides. These parts are the ones that either go missing or become damaged through wear and tear. We keep good stocks of most if not all of these parts in stock. This ensures a speedy delivery to your door. We are happy to send all these Bernina overlocker parts across the globe, apart from motors.
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  • Bernina Overlocker Needle Screw

    Bernina Overlocker Needle Screw

    This Bernina 334 Overlocker Needle Screw is such a tiny chap you might easily lose him. Here is a spare and this one has a 'slotted' head.
  • Bernina Overlocker Mast Top Thread Guide

    Bernina Overlocker Mast Top Thread Guide

    This particular ​​​​​​​Bernina Overlocker Mast Top Thread Guide will push into the mast of the Bernina models 700D, 800DL, 1100D & 1100DA.


    ​​​​​​​The Bernina 009DCC Mast Top Thread Guide A11209DC0A0 should be carefully inserted into the mast. The walls of open end of the mast are quite thin and will bend easily if you're too heavy handed.
  • Bernina 1100D Overlocker Bulb

    Bernina 1100D Overlocker Bulb

    This is the Bernina 1100D Overlocker Bulb. It's a screw-in type so remember to unscrew the old bulb, rather than push and twist. We generally keep a good number in stock to ensure a speedy delivery.
  • Bernina 1100DA Overlocker Bulb

    Bernina 1100DA Overlocker Bulb

    This ​​​​​​​Bernina 1100DA Overlocker Bulb is a small bayonet cap type. Take care when fitting and please make sure you unplug your machine first. This is a popular part and so we keep a good number in stock.
  • Bernina 1300DC Needleplate

    Bernina 1300DC Needleplate

    A replacement ​​​​​​​Bernina 1300DC Needleplate. Hopefully you've had years of use from your original needleplate. This one isn't exactly cheap, is it. Try not to pull the fabric or threads to hard.
  • Bernina Cover Stitch Machine Needles

    Bernina Cover Stitch Machine Needles

    Bernina Cover Stitch Machine Needles are specially designed for the purpose. Use them in Bernina cover stitch machines for a quality finish.
  • Bernina L450/460 Lower Knife

    Bernina L450/460 Lower Knife

    The Bernina L450/460 Lower Knife will eventually become blunt. Chips and marks may appear along the cutting edge. This is usually caused by wear and tear, and sewing over many pins. ​​​​​​​Always take care when fitting.
  • Bernina L450/460 Upper Knife

    Bernina L450/460 Upper Knife

    The Bernina L450/460 Upper Knife will eventually succumb to wear and tear. Sewing through pins and all sorts of fabrics will chip and blunt both knives. Take care when fitting the new knife. The nut must
  • Bernina Overlocker Foam Pad

    Bernina Overlocker Foam Pad

    The ​​​​​​​Bernina Overlocker Foam Pad sits on the cop stand where you place the reels of thread. The pad stops the reels from spinning and jumping around.
  • Bernina Overlocker Lower Knife 50145403

    Bernina Overlocker Lower Knife 50145403

    A replacement knife for your Bernina overlocker. This Bernina Overlocker Lower Knife 50145403 will fit many models. Eventually nearly all overlocker knives will become blunt or damaged
  • Bernina Overlocker Mast Holder

    Bernina Overlocker Mast Holder

    The Bernina Overlocker Mast Holder holds the mast in place inside the the cover of the overlocker. The mast screw is fitted through the bottom and into the mast itself. Not a part that goes missing that often
  • Bernina Overlocker Mast Screw

    Bernina Overlocker Mast Screw

    The ​​​​​​​Bernina Overlocker Mast Screw fixes the mast in place. It screws through the base of the mast, through the mast rod holder. In most cases the mast will have to be replaced due to wear and tear, or damage.
  • Bernina Overlocker Mast.

    Bernina Overlocker Mast.

    The Bernina Overlocker Mast supports the top thread guide and fits a number of models. Wear and tear will sometimes create a kink or bend that prevents the telescopic action. Whatever the reason,
  • Bernina Overlocker Needleplate A11151100B0A

    Bernina Overlocker Needleplate A11151100B0A

    The ​​​​​​​Bernina Overlocker Needleplate A11151100B0A fits a wide range of models. In general a needleplate will last quite some time. However, a forceful hand risks bending the two stitch-forming pins
  • Bernina Overlocker Needles

    Bernina Overlocker Needles

    The Bernina Overlocker Needles you see here are Schmetz, Stretch Needles. Firstly, Schmetz are an excellent quality needle. You should only use good quality needles in your Bernina, it does make a difference.
  • Bernina Overlocker Presser Foot Sole & Adaptor

    Bernina Overlocker Presser Foot Sole & Adaptor

    This is the Bernina Overlocker Presser Foot Sole that fits the Bernina 700D and 800DL models. Generally speaking this is a hard wearing part. Prolonged use over many years usually takes its toll,
  • Bernina Overlocker Upper Knife

    Bernina Overlocker Upper Knife

    This Bernina Overlocker Upper Knife will fit a wide range of models including, 004-800, 334, 335, 1100, 2000, 700DL and 800DL.