Bernina General Accessories

Once you've bought your precious Bernina you may wish to extend your sewing experiences with one of the lovely Bernina accessories we've listed below. Have a quick mooch and, as ever, should you require help or advice just send us a quick email or phone for a waffle.
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  • Bernina Darning Hoop

    Bernina Darning Hoop

    The Bernina Hosiery darning hoop is a useful aid for professional quality darning of hosiery, socks, and other textiles.
  • Bernina Knee Lift

    Bernina Knee Lift

    From: £20.00
    The Bernina Knee Lift lets you raise the presser foot and lower the feed dog at the same time using, you've guessed it, your knee.
  • Bernina Retro-Fit Knee Lift Kit

    Bernina Retro-Fit Knee Lift Kit

    From: £75.00
    Bring your Bernina to Bambers to have the Knee Lift kit fitted. Check the listing to see if your Bernina is suitable for this handy kit.
  • Bernina Buttonhole Cutter & Block

    Bernina Buttonhole Cutter & Block

    The Buttonhole cutter with wooden block is the ideal tool for opening finished buttonholes. A lovely 'vintage' style cutting tool.
  • Bernini Circular Attachment

    Bernini Circular Attachment

    The Bernina circular embroidery attachment enables you to embroider unusual and decorative circles or semicircles. Loads of fun.
  • Bernina Patchwork Seam Guide

    Bernina Patchwork Seam Guide

    The Bernina patchwork seam guide can be adjusted to sit directly at the right edge of the presser foot. Ideal for accurate sewing.
  • Right/Left Handed Seam Guide

    Right/Left Handed Seam Guide

    The Right- and left-handed seam guide makes it a cinch to maintain even distances between seams, allowing you to sew straight edges.
  • Bernina Seam Guide with Rulers

    Bernina Seam Guide with Rulers

    The seam guide with scale is used as a guiding aid to the right or left of the needle on various BERNINA sewing machines.
  • Bernina Straight-Stitch Needleplate

    Bernina Straight-Stitch Needleplate

    From: £23.75
    The straight stitch needle plate is a professional tool for both large and small straight stitch projects. It ensures precise stitch formation.