Bernina Foot Controls & Leads

Bernina foot controls 
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  • Bernina 1008 Foot Control

    Bernina 1008 Foot Control

    Bernina foot control and lead suitable for the Bernina 1008 & 1008S as well as a number of other, previous models including the 801
  • Bernina 2 Pin Lead

    Bernina 2 Pin Lead

    You can use this Bernina 2 Pin mains cable on a wide range of modern Bernina sewing machine models. Complete with 3 pin plug.
  • Bernina Foot Control Repairs

    Bernina Foot Control Repairs

    Every year we carry out numerous Bernina Foot Control Repairs on various types of Bernina Foot Controls.
  • Bernina L 450 Foot Control

    Bernina L 450 Foot Control

    A spare Bernina L 450 Foot Control is available in case of loss or damage. Please be aware that this foot control comes fitted with a 2-pin European style plug.


    This Bernina Moulded Lead fits the older range of mechanical Bernina models such as the 807. It is a 220-240 volt lead.