Bernina Foot Controls & Leads

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  • Bernina 2 Pin Lead

    Bernina 2 Pin Lead

    You can use this Bernina 2 Pin mains cable on a wide range of modern Bernina sewing machine models. Complete with 3 pin plug.
  • Bernina Electronic Lead

    Bernina Electronic Lead

    This Bernina lead will fit the Bernina 1008 & 1008S and a number of other Bernina models, 801, 830, 1000, 1001, 1005, 1006, 1015.
  • Bernina Foot Control

    Bernina Foot Control

    Bernina foot control and lead suitable for the Bernina 1008 & 1008S as well as a number of other, previous models including the 801
  • Bernina Foot Control Repairs

    Bernina Foot Control Repairs

    Every year we carry out numerous Bernina Foot Control Repairs on various types of Bernina Foot Controls.


    This Bernina Moulded Lead fits the older range of mechanical Bernina models such as the 807. It is a 220-240 volt lead.
Bernina foot controls