Bernina Foot Controls & Leads

Bernina foot controls 
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  • Bernina 2 Pin Lead

    Bernina 2 Pin Lead

    You can use this Bernina 2 Pin mains cable on a wide range of modern Bernina sewing machine models. Complete with 3 pin plug.
  • Bernina Foot Control

    Bernina Foot Control

    This Bernina Foot Control & Lead fits many of the older models. Eventually your Bernina foot control will give up the ghost. In some cases they can be repaired, but it's becoming more cost effective to buy...
  • Bernina Foot Control 0079887201

    Bernina Foot Control 0079887201

    The ​​​​​​​Bernina Foot Control 0079887201 has the Needle Up/Down function. A useful function for the more adept Bernina sewer. This type of pedal comes from an older range of Bernina models. I've listed them below.
  • Bernina Foot Control Repairs

    Bernina Foot Control Repairs

    Every year we carry out numerous Bernina Foot Control Repairs on various types of Bernina Foot Controls.
  • Bernina L 450 Foot Control

    Bernina L 450 Foot Control

    A spare Bernina L 450 Foot Control is available in case of loss or damage. Please be aware that this foot control comes fitted with a 2-pin European style plug.


    This Bernina Moulded Mains Lead fits the older range of mechanical Bernina models such as the 807. It is a 220-240 volt lead so it will not be suitable for use in the USA or Canada.