Bernina Bobbincases & Bobbins

Choosing a Bernina bobbin used to be a simple affair - there was only one kind. Today there are a few more choices to make things a little more tricky.
Luckily you've got us.
The wrong choice of bobbin is still one of the most common reasons for people to bring their machines into us for 'attention'. 
​​​​​​​We've laid out the various choices of Bernina bobbins, below. If you click on each Bernina bobbin or bobbbincase, you will be presented with the Bernina models each will fit but please don't gnash the molars if you're still unsure, just phone us - we're always happy to help.
Alan Bamber

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  • Bernina Bobbincase

    Bernina Bobbincase

    The Bernina Bobbincase is a most important chap. Firstly, if you choose the wrong type for your Bernina there may will be trouble. Secondly, you may even damage your precious machine. So let me try and help you make
  • Bernina Bobbins

    Bernina Bobbins

    These Bernina Bobbins bear no resemblance to the original bobbins that came with your machine. They were a solid bobbin with and didn't have the holes you see in this new type.
  • Bernina 1000/1001 Bobbincase

    Bernina 1000/1001 Bobbincase

    A bobbincase designed for the Bernina 1000 & 1001 models. If you try and use it in any other model of Bernina it will all end in tears.
  • Bernina 1000/1001 Bobbins

    Bernina 1000/1001 Bobbins

    These Bernina bobbins are decent chaps and are always ready for service in your Bernina 1000 or 1001 bobbincase. Sold in a pack of five.
  • Bernina 7 5 & 4 Series Bobbins

    Bernina 7 5 & 4 Series Bobbins

    Look at this attractively placed group of ​​​​​​​Bernina 7 5 & 4 Series Bobbins. They come in a pack of five and are designed to work in the new high capacity Bernina bobbincases. The idea being, of course, that you can sew for longer. 
  • Bernina Rotary Bobbins

    Bernina Rotary Bobbins

    These Bernina bobbins work well in the following Bernina models...1070, 1630, 180. 185, 640, B 560, B 580, 435, 450, 200 & 730.
  • Bernina Bobbins 8 Series

    Bernina Bobbins 8 Series

    Use these genuine Berina bobbins in your Bernina B 820, B 830 & B 880. With a larger capacity than normal and come in a pack of 5.
  • Bernina Red Bobbincase

    Bernina Red Bobbincase

    The Bernina 'Red Bobbincase' fits the Bernina 7 Series and is used for thicker bobbin threads, such as cordonnet threads.
  • Bernina 801 Shuttle Hook

    Bernina 801 Shuttle Hook

    ​​​​​​​This Bernina 801 Shuttle Hook will fit older models of Bernina such as the 801, 830, 910 and 1005 and all the way up to the modern Bernina 1008 & 1008S use this older style shuttle hook.
  • Bernina Black Latch Bobbincase

    Bernina Black Latch Bobbincase

    Use the Bernina Black Latch Bobbincase for special projects when you are sewing with thicker threads, such as cordonnet threads.
  • Bernina Rotary Hook Bobbincase

    Bernina Rotary Hook Bobbincase

    Bernina rotary hook Bobbincase for sewing general utility and decorative stitches with up to 9mm stitch width.
  • Bernina 7 Series Bobbincase

    Bernina 7 Series Bobbincase

    This Bernina 7 Series Bobbincase will fit the B700E/B720/B740/B770QE/B790/B790PLUS/B500E/ B535/ B540/B570QE/B590/B435/B475QE/B485/B480
  • Bernina 840/850/940/950 Bobbins

    Bernina 840/850/940/950 Bobbins

    Use these Bernina bobbins in your semi-industrial, flatbed Bernina 840, 850, 940 or 950 sewing machine. They come in a pack of 5 bobbins.
  • Bernina High Tension Bobbincase 0343207009

    Bernina High Tension Bobbincase 0343207009

    The ​​​​​​​Bernina High Tension Bobbincase 0343207009 is useful when you require increased tension on the lower thread. Embroidery, free-motion sewing or free-motion quilting.
  • Bernina Q Series Bobbins

    Bernina Q Series Bobbins

    These Bernina Q Series bobbins will come in handy for your Bernina Q20 or Q24. They come in a pack of Five.
  • Bernina Shuttle Driver Spring

    Bernina Shuttle Driver Spring

    The Bernina Shuttle Driver Spring sits on top of the shuttle driver. Prolonged use of your Bernina will often snap an end of the spring. This should be considered as a badge of honour. It is the sign of  the industrious