Bernina 801 parts

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  • Bernina 1008 Foot Control

    Bernina 1008 Foot Control

    Bernina foot control and lead suitable for the Bernina 1008 & 1008S as well as a number of other, previous models including the 801
  • Bernina Bobbincase General Fitting

    Bernina Bobbincase General Fitting

    Use this Bernina bobbin case in the majority of older models - 801, 807, 830, 930. It's also designed for the Bernina 1008 & 1008S models.
  • Bernina CB Bobbins

    Bernina CB Bobbins

    A pack of 5 Bernina Bobbins which will fit the majority of older Berninas and the latest 1008 and the 1008S models. Phone for advice.
  • Bernina Shuttle Hook

    Bernina Shuttle Hook

    After some time they become a bit marked and worn out. Quite often we can restore them in our workshop but other times not.
​​​​​​​The Bernina 801 and 801 Sport were extremely popular and there are still thousands of them sewing away all over the world. Despite the fact that the 801 is no longer produced we can still supply parts and accessories for this model. We shall list as many parts here for your Bernina 801 as we can. If you do need a part we haven't listed, or you can't find it, please phone or email us and we'll be happy to help.