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Although it has been around for many years, some of the finest quality sewing is achieved with the Bernina 1008S.

Although it has been around for many years, some of the finest quality sewing is achieved with the Bernina 1008S because of its reliability, versatility and ease of use and very little to go wrong or break.

We just love the Bernina 1008S because we know how good it is. Firstly, it offers exceptional value for money and let us explain why. The Bernina 1008S is made to a very high standard which, from your point of view, means that it will last for many, many years. There is no reason why the bernina 1008S shouldn't still be serving you well in 25 - 30 years time. Just remember to have it serviced once in a while - we all benefit from a bit of tlc.

Also, the Bernina 1008S will sew almost anything and sew it well. It's a tough guy so sewing through layers of denim, curtains with curtain tape, endless dresses and quilts are all well within it's capabilities. And the Bernina 1008S is arguably one of the very best choices for the textiles artist who wants to produce perfect freehand embroidery. Team the bernina 1008S up with a freehand embroidery foot and with patience and practice you will be producing your best work.

So, a simple sewing machine on the face of it, but for those who want simplicity, longevity, value for money and a top quality machine which will sew a vast range of fabrics - the Bernina 1008S is well worth your money.



  • CB Hook
  • 5 Needle Positions
  • 5.5mm Max. Stitch Width
  • 5.0mm Max Stitch Length
  • Manual Thread Cutter
  • 17 Stitches
  • 1 Buttonhole


  • 5 Presser Feet - Standard, Overlock, Buttonhole, Zip & Blindstitch.
  • Soft Dust Cover
  • Pack of Bobbins
  • Pack of Needles
  • Foot Control & Lead
  • Instruction Manual
Bernina now guarantee the 1008S Sewing for 7 years. The guarantee covers parts and labour but not transport and you must have your machine serviced at regular intervals. Small parts such as needles and bulbs are not covered by the guarantee. If you have any issues please phone us.

We offer Free Next Day Delivery to your address in the UK Mainland. Please provide all your details in the checkout including your mobile telephone number. 

We have always offered Unlimited Free tuition on all the sewing machines we sell. Please take advantage of this service as it will help you get the most from your machine. Please call in or phone us.

BERNINA 1008 – sewing really can be this easy!

  • BERNINA 1008: 17 stitches for sewing success

    BERNINA 1008: 17 stitches for sewing success

    The BERNINA 1008 offers 17 different stitches, including a buttonhole and two decorative stitches. Thanks to this, and the ability to vary stitch length and width, you’ll be able to accomplish all your sewing tasks reliably and precisely. The BERNINA 1008 places different straight and zigzag stitches at your fingertips – a versatile basic configuration that makes it easy for beginners, yet offers everything they could need for sewing, hemming, mending or decorative embellishment. The BERNINA 1008 also impresses with its durability and versatility, ensuring that you’ll enjoy your sewing machine for years to come. Last but not least, using a mechanical machine helps you develop an unmistakeable sixth sense for sewing, as you control all the sewing variables – all of which makes the straightforward, easy-to-handle, versatile BERNINA 1008 the perfect foundation for expanding your skills.
  • Variable stitch length and width

    Variable stitch length and width

    The BERNINA 1008 lets you alter stitch width and length in order to adapt the machine’s stitches to your sewing project. The 1008’s stitch width can be adjusted in five different steps via the control dial. Stitch length is infinitely variable with the aid of its own control, and the needle position can easily be selected by simply turning a knob. In this way, the BERNINA 1008 permits a wide range of sewing parameters allowing for ideal adjustment to the fabric you are sewing or to the effect you wish to achieve. The 1008 therefore offers all the advantages of a mechanical sewing machine – state-of-the-art solid construction, ease of operation, clear stitch choice and stitch variation: a versatile mechanical sewing machine covering a multiplicity of uses, designed to bring out your creativity when you sew.
  • Straightforward darning and free-motion sewing

    Straightforward darning and free-motion sewing

    Thanks to its exceptional ease of use right down to the details, the BERNINA 1008 also shines at mending and free-motion stitching. Its feed-dog can be lowered by simply turning the appropriate control dial, quickly changing the 1008 to free-motion stitching mode. This allows you to guide the fabric freely according to your fancy, and to give your stitching whatever shape you wish. The feed-dog drop feature is particularly useful when sewing outlines, appliqués or decorative seams, or when reinforcing edges: here, the free-motion functionality of the BERNINA 1008 gives you full control over the sewing direction – ideal for sewing over pre-marked lines or outlines – as well as giving you a free hand with design. Moreover, the BERNINA 1008’s feed-dog can be reactivated just as quickly and easily with a simple turn of the control dial once you’re ready to go back to automatic feed.



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Cath Brough from Lake District -

a fabulous versatile workhorse","I got my 1008 from Bambers in December 2013 and I love it! I sew everyday from dresses to fleece but mainly quilting and applique and the 1008 can handle whatever I do and produces beautiful stitches consistently and easily. Cannot recommend this machine and the amazing Bambers service enough!

Ali from Cheshire -

"Textiles Artist","

Hi?.I spoke to one of you on the phone as I was wanting a machine to do free stitching as I teach Textiles Art in Poynton and my old machine was playing me up. The guy I spoke to was fantastic and advised me to buy a Benina machine. He suggested/ quite rightly that I came over & tried it out first but I had a very tight deadline. The machine arrived by special arrangement and very promptly on the friday. I am not technically minded but this machine & instructions are a dream. I LOVE IT!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR ADVICE & THOUGHTFULNESS. I will be recommending you to all my students and beyond. Thanks ?.just wanted you to know! from Ali

Ella from Manchester -

It was so fantastic!! I went off to uni to do an art and design course and the BERNINA 1008 worked so well!!

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