Bernina 1008 Parts

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  • Bernina 1008 Bobbincase

    Bernina 1008 Bobbincase

    The Bernina 1008 Bobbincase will ensure smooth and precise sewing. If you make the mistake of using a general bobbincase your machine will snatch the thread and jam.
  • Bernina 1008 Bobbins

    Bernina 1008 Bobbins

    ​​​​​​​The choice of Bernina 1008 Bobbins is very important. The wrong type will produce poor results and possibly damage your Bernina. We sell the genuine article in packs of five.
  • Bernina 1008 Bulb

    Bernina 1008 Bulb

    The Bernina 1008 Bulb is a screw-in type and not the bayonet variety. We find the best choice is the RIVA make of screw-in bulb. We have supplied them for many years.
  • Bernina 1008 Needles

    Bernina 1008 Needles

    Bernina 1008 Needles should always be the best quality. Using a cheap needle might save you a few pennies but your work will suffer. The best choice is the Schmetz range of needles.