Sewing Machine Repairs

As main agents for all the top brands of sewing machines and overlockers, Bamber Sewing Machines can offer you professional repairs and service to your precious machine.

Every year we carry out hundreds of repairs and services on sewing machines and overlockers bought from us, and elsewhere. And as main agents for Bernina, Janome, Brother and Pfaff we carry huge stocks of genuine spares.

We always offer a Free estimate to private customers.

Report a fault

If you have a got a fault or problem with your sewing machine or overlocker email us for help and advice. Tell us the Make & Model of your machine and the problem you are experiencing. We will email back with our suggestions. Alternatively phone us on 0161 707 7786

Schools and Colleges

We offer a repair and routine maintenance service to schools and colleges, please phone Alan Bamber for more details.

A Few Words From Roy Bamber

Because our business was originally founded on sewing machine repairs and maintenance, in the days when fully rebuilding machines was necessary as none were being made or imported for the home, we specialise in the service side of the business. So much so that our workshop alone is twice the size of the whole area of most sewing machine shops. It is also very well equipped and we have a properly set up and organized spare parts department to cope with the thousands of repairs we cover each year.

Of the machines brought to us for repair there are three main causes of problems. All machines create fluff in use which solidifies to the stage where machines begin to seize up. Second, many modern sewing machines require special lubricants, and using normal cheap 'sewing machine oil' on your machine soon gives trouble. Third and most damaging is your local cowboy advertising 'expert repairs' and subjecting your pride and joy to the tender mercies of his entire range of 3 screwdrivers, one hammer and a large can of sewing machine oil. (And his aunt Mary once showed him how to adjust the tension!).

Since the demise of the clothing industry in the U.K., there are no longer any serving apprenticeships on sewing machine maintenance. All modern day kids want to do is sit at computers and hope to make a foryune without actually working.

Mind you, we shouldn't complain. Getting a machine in that's been messed about by your local cowboy, nearly always means a bigger repair bill than normal, just to undo the butchery.

When you are in the area, you are welcome to come in and have a quick tour around our workshop. You'll soon see what we mean. And have a quick gander at our classroom where we run various courses all with our own computers and sewing/overlocking/quilting machines. There's also a machine dispensing free coffee, tea, soup, cold drinks and gin, whisky and rum etc. True, we sometimes run out of the gin etc.