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Over the years we've collected many old Bernina sewing machines which, for one reason or another, are no longer suitable for repairs. Rather than commit a mortal sin and throw these Berninas away we will slowly strip them down and offer the parts for sale. It might just save the day.
Bernina 707 Balance Wheel
A Balance Wheel for the Bernina 707. Some marking but generally in pretty good condition.
Bernina 801 807 Balance Wheel
The Balance Wheel (Black) for a Bernina 801 and 807. Comes with Clutch Wheel and Friction Washer. ​​​​​​​Marked but sound.
Bernina 801 807 Free Arm Top Cover
This Bernina Free Arm Top Cover will fit the Bernina 801 and 807 models. It has some marks and scratches etc but it is sound.
Bernina 930 Case Slide
A limited supply of the left-hand case slides for the Bernina 930. Please check the photo, especially of the underside of our case slide
Bernina Drive Belt Primary Short
This Bernina Drive Belt Primary Short was used for the old Bernina 7 series - 707 and 730. Berninas generally have two drive belts