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Find your choice of Janome bobbin and Janome bobbincase at Bambers. We keep large stocks and a wide range to suit every model of Janome sewing machine.
Janome Bobbincase 1600P
A replacement Janome bobbincase for the Janome 1600P straight stitch model.
Janome Bobbincase 350E - MC15000
This Janome Bobbincase should be used in the Janome models, 350E, MC11000, MC11000SE, MC12000 & MC15000.
Janome Bobbincase 6600P - TXL607
A Janome Bobbincase for models, TXL607, QXL605, MC6500P, 6600P, 7700QCP, 12000, 8900QCP, 8200QC, DKS30 & DKS100.
Janome Bobbincase 7000 - 8000
A replacement, or spare, Janome Bobbincase for your Janome sewing machine models, MC7000, MC7500 & MC8000.
Janome Bobbincase Extra Yellow Dot MC9000
The Janome Bobbincase with an Extra Yellow Dot for the MC9000 has a higher than 'normal' tension setting. Useful for various projects.
This Janome bobbincase should be used in the Janome Memorycraft models, 9000, 9500, 9700, 10000 & 10001.
Janome Bobbincase Most Top Loaders
This Janome Bobbincase for the majority of general Top-Loading Janomes. Check our selection in case your model is listed.
Janome Bobbincase Sew Mini
This Janome Bobbincase fits the popular "Sew Mini' range of catalogue, mail order & department store Janome Sewing machines.
Janome Bobbins
Pack of 10 Janome bobbins. They are a universal type which can be used in the vast majority of Janome sewing machines.
Janome Free Motion Quilting Bobbincase
This bobbincase creates the approriate tension for free motion quilting and hand-look quilt stitches. Marked with a BLUE triangle.
Janome Metal Bobbincase
This Janome Metal Bobbincase will fit all the front loading models. 110, 419, 423 etc. etc. including lots of the old Newhome models.