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Small Embroidery Frame
The Brother PRH60 embroidery frame will fit the Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655 & PR1000 Size: 60 x 40mm (2.4" x 1.6")
Brother PRH100 Embroidery Frame
The Brother PRH100 embroidery frame is probably the most popular ‘repeat’ buy amongst our PR customers
Brother PRH180 Embroidery Frame
The Brother PRH180 embroidery frame will fit the Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655 & PR1000. Size: 180 x 130mm (7" x 5")
Brother PRH300 Embroidery Frame
The Brother PRH300 embroidery frame is usually the choice for those producing embroidery, and embroidered goods, for the equestrian market
Brother PRH100 Outer Frame
Heavy duty users will, from time to time, break the outer frame on their standard PRH100 fame. Here is the replacement.
Brother PRPBF1 Border Frame
This Border Frame makes it easier to embroider continuous designs and borders onto a wide range of projects from fashion to furnishings.
Brother PRF300 Flat Embroidery Frame
This embroidery frame is easier to use when it comes to 'hooping up' difficult jobs with stiff or hard fabrics. Helps prevent bunching.
Brother PRCF3 Cap Frame
The Cap frame is a useful addition to your arsenal when you have a steady stream of orders for Baseball Caps to embroider.
Brother PRCL1 Cylinder Frame
The Cylinder Frame is designed for small cylindrical work such as sleeves or trouser leg. For PR1000, PR1000e, PR650, PR650e & PR655.
Brother PRPRF100 Round Frame
These round embroidery frames can help you to produce better work on 'round' embroidery designs as they provide more grip
Brother Frame Arm C
Use Frame Arm C when embroidering with any of the Brother round embroidery frames. Compatible with PR1000 & PR655
Wide Table for Brother PR Series
If you regularly embroider larger projects like horse blankets, jackets or quilts, then this Brother PR wide table top with be an essential for extra stability.
Brother PR655 Clamp Frame Kit 1
Use this Clamp Frame 1 with Clamp Frame 2 to embroider shoes, gloves and bags and other more awkward items etc.
The unique construction of Brother PR Clamp Frame M provides strong holding power, yet without ‘hoop burn’ on your fabric.
Brother PR1050 S Frame Kit
The Brother PR1050X S Frame Kit helps you to embroider hard to reach areas such as sleeves, jeans pockets, kids & baby clothing.