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Here at Bamber Sewing Machines, we offer you three options of how to buy your Brother PR655 embroidery machine. You can buy a new PR670e and pay for it in full, or you can buy one of excellent ex-lease PR655's and pay for it in full. Or, you can use our Bluestar Lease Deal and lease* a new PR670e and pay only £199.00 per month over 12 months. It's totally up to you!
Buy a Brother PR670e Embroidery Machine
Buy your Brother PR655 outright in one transaction and it's yours for good. Clean, efficient and simple. Pay online, or by cash or card.
Brother PR655 Ex Lease Embroidery Machines
Our ex lease Brother PR655's are a real bargain. 12 months old with low hours and originally supplied by us. Our ex lease PR's are fab!
Brother PR670e Lease Deal
Dip your toe into the PR670e world with a low cost lease deal from Bambers. We offer you three great options with our lease deal.