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You need a reliable supply of spares and accessories for your Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655 and PR10000. Bambers keep a huge range of spares and accessories in stock. Our workshop is always busy with the repair and service of various Brother PR models bought from us and elsewhere. And our very busy mail order department supplies spares and accessories to PR customers all over the world.
We've listed the most commonly sought after spares and accesories for the Brother PR range but if you don't see what you're looking for then please just send us an email - we'll be happy to help you.
Brother PR Embroidery Machine Bobbincase
It's wise to keep a spare bobbincase for your Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655 or your Brother PR1000. Buy one now.
Brother PR600-650 Motor
A replacement motor for the Brother PR series of embroidery machines. It will fit the PR600, PR620 & PR650.
Brother PR655 Motor
This Brother PR655 motor is designed to be used in the Brother PR655. You will notice the shorter mains cable. Designed for UK use with 220/240 volts
Brother PR Embroidery Machine Frame Collar
Have you dropped and lost yours? A replacement Brother PR embroidery frame collar. Suitable for all Brother PR models.
Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655 & PR1000 Frame Nut
This is the nut which fits into all Brother PR embroidery frames and after some time the threads will wear out. We keep 100+ in stock.
Brother PR Frame Spring
This spring fits over the the thumbscrew used to tighten and loosen your embroidery frames. They can ping off into orbit.
Brother PR Embroidery Frame Thumbscrew & Nut
The Brother PR embroidery frame thumbscrew & nut will lose their threads after constant use. Buy the replacements BEFORE it happens...
Fixed Knife for Brother PR Embroidery Machines
The fixed knife on your Brother PR model will become blunt after time. Here is the replacement along with a new clip to help ensure a nice cut.
Brother PR Needle Threader
The needle threader for the Brother PR range - PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655 & PR1000. See our step-by-step fitting instructions.
Brother PR Needleplate
Bent needles can chip away at the hole in the plate which can lead to snags and trapped thread. Here is the solution - a new needleplate.
Brother PR Needleplate Screw
A spare screw for the needleplate on your Brother PR embroidery machine. If it has gone missing don't fret, you can buy a few spares.
Brother PR Embroidery Machine Race Door Spring
This spring fits inside the raceway door and enables the door to 'spring shut'. It can become bent, or worn, over time. In stock ready for when you need one.
Brother PR Raceway door
The heavier handed amongst you may have already broken this small door. Or, you may have just broken the spring for the door.
Brother PR Rubber Foot
The rubber feet on yor Brother PR will sometimes go missing, especially if you're the type of user who moves your PR around a bit.
Brother PR Small Thumbscrew
This little thumbscrew helps to keep the embroidery frame arm fixed in place. Always ensure he's tight otherwise your work won't 'centre'.
Brother PR Large Thumbscrew
This is the larger thumbscrew that holds the embroidery frame bracket in place on your Brother PR embroidery machine.
'Z' Screwdriver
Use this screwdriver to easily remove the two screws in the needleplate on your Brother PR. It's important to remove the needleplate.
Brother PR Needle Screw
This is the tiny grub screw that holds your needles in place. They are so tiny you may lose one if you drop it when changing a needle.
Brother PR Needle Hex Screwdriver
Use this 'allen key' screwdriver to loosen and tighten the tiny grub screws holding the needles in place on your Brother PR model.
Brother PR Plate Cover
If you use a cap attachment on your Brother PR then you will find this little piece will help your caps slide over the needleplate more easily.
The Bed Bottom Cover fits under the free-arm on your Brother PR600, PR620, PR650, PR655 & PR1000 embroidery machine.
Brother PR Cap Frame Clip
Embroidering caps can be a little bit tricky and time consuming and sometimes these clips will help you stretch the cap fabric that bit flatter.
Brother PR Embroidery Fixed Knife Screw
The Brother PR Embroidery Fixed Knife Screw holds the fixed knife in place. It's important to check, clean and replace the fixed knife on a regular basis.
Brother PR500, PR620, PR650 & PR655 Tension Base
This is the tension base for the Brother PR600, PR620, PR65 & PR655 embroidery models.
Brother PR600, PR620, PR650 & PR655 Spool Peg
A spool peg for your Brother PR600, PR620, PR650 & PR655 embroidery machine.
Brother PR600, PR620, PR650 & PR655 Thread Take Up Lever Cover
This is the Thread Take Up Lever Cover for the Brother PR600, PR620, PR650 & PR655.
Embroidery Scissors
These stainless steel embroidery scissors have a curved end which allows you to get really close to your work to snip off any thread tags.