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Baby Lock Embellisher Needles 365A017
A set of ten Baby Lock Embellisher Needles for the embellisher/felting machine. It's always a good idea to keep a spare pack.
Baby Lock Enlighten Overlocker
Baby Lock Enlighten Overlocker. This is the one with the Wave-Stitch and Wave Flatlock. Plus of course the famous Jet-Air threading system.
Baby Lock Imagine Overlocker
Babylock Imagine Overlocker. A very smooth model with Baby Locks famous Jet-Air threading system to make threading an easier process.
Baby Lock Overlocker Needle Screw
The Baby Lock Overlocker Needle Screw can go missing so please remember to unscrew the screw one revolution.
Babylock Enspire Overlocker
The Babylock Enspire Overlocker is a 4 thread model with the famous Jet-Air Threading System making threading that bit easier.